About Us

Monty and Karen Steenson - Owners of Dreisinger Funeral Home.
Dreisinger Funeral Home is a family business which has served Elmira and the surrounding community since 1905. The funeral home is located at 62 Arthur St. S. Elmira. The funeral home is a one storey addition to the former manse of St. James Lutheran Church. We have visitation rooms a chapel and casket display room along with garage space for the Hearse, and cars.
Christian Dreisinger began his undertaking business in March of 1905. He operated out of his home on Cross Street in Elmira. In 1906 he bought the Wachsmuth Block on the main intersection of downtown Elmira, moved his undertaking business in and also began selling furniture. A two storey addition was added in 1912. Garages were added in the late 1930's and the building was remodelled in 1940, creating the first funeral chapel in the area. In 1977 the business moved to its current location. A one-storey addition was built behind the former St. James Lutheran Church manse. Christian Dreisinger was followed into the business by his son George and eventually handed the company over to his granddaughter Hazel Brown and grandson David Dreisinger. Hazel's daughter Grace Maher entered the profession along with David's son John. In August of 2009 Monty Steenson purchased the funeral home from John Dreisinger.

Our Staff

Monty Steenson
Monty has been a funeral director for 30 years and has spent 25 of those years working in the Waterloo Region. Monty was raised in Mornington Township on a farm between Millbank and Hesson. Monty is a member of Gale Presbyterian Church and the Kiwanis Club of Elmira.
Grace Maher
Grace has been a funeral director for 40 years and has served Elmira and the surrounding community for 43 years at the Dreisinger Funeral Home. She is the great-granddaughter of Christian Dreisinger the company's founder.
John Dreisinger
John has been a funeral director for 34 years and has served Elmira and the surrounding community for his entire career. He is the great-grandson of Christian Dreisinger, the company's founder.
Dan Albrecht
Karen Steenson